About Us


The Indigenous Rootz Cultural Academy/Probiotic Farmaci mission is to encourage the restoration, preservation & promotion of lost Indigenous culture in and around the Arkansas Territory. Today, we pursue this mission throughout the world with various progressive community development projects. All Indigenous Rootz projects have dual goals:

  • First, establishing a national and commercial venue that expands opportunities for autochthonous people.
  • Second, sustaining the institutions that enrich and promote cultural resilience, personal well-being and the national heritage of autochthonous community identity.


To achieve these goals, we work at the intersection of five focus areas—advancement of love through indigenous health initiatives, restoration of true economic systems of commerce, securing a peaceful indigenous livelihood by liberating the national mind from the collective root causes of our personal challenges and invocation of Divine justice’s immutability to address the ecologic deficit made from lacking clear jurisdictional boundaries; throughout both rural, urban and forested landscapes.

Together with nature, our partners and grantees our actions are circumscribed in this innovative Probiotic Farmaci that strives to catalyze and scale transformative innovations. Indigenous Rootz Cultural Academy takes risks others cannot afford in order to create unlikely yet rewarding partnerships.


We are committed to your excellence and helping you reach your highest destiny.

Team 2

Ahmad Williams

R.O.P.E. Director

The guidance of Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley was instrumental in his personal development. With it, he established the Academy from partnerships with ECOWAS’s West Africa Regional Center, The Act of Change Cultural Institute, Pan African Connection, Organization for Black Unity, The Mosaic Templars of America and others where the divine national movement was instrumental in the strategic development of the MANTHINK Mind-Set program. His leadership and overall management of the West Africa region, includes finishing the work his father started in Lagos State Nigeria and updating the fishery to be an aquaponic greenhouse and farm. Inside the United States of America, he regularly attends lectures provided by Dr. Kinley's Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research.


Team 3

OBA Lagoye El

Batef Djediah

Batef O.B.A. Lagoye El was a regular boy from Little Rock, a non-economically thriving area of Arkansas who was dreaming of making it big as a televistion executive. He has had extensive field experience in Arkansas, Florida, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, Louisiana, Nigeria, Texas, Tennessee. He is multilingual, being fluent in English & Gullah languages while only conversational with Kreyol Aitien, Latin, Wolof and Yoruba. O.B.A. holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with specialization in Public Relations and Business Management. He also earned certification and licensing as a S.A.P. Consultant, Project Manager & Insurance Agent.


Team 1

IfaṢeyi Bamigblaa

Clinical Ori Counselor/Consultant

Early in his career, he pursued education in business by following his mother's advice and admitting himself to University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Before he completed his degrees, his corporate career took off and forced him to seriously reconsider his academic and spiritual journey. Dr. O.B.A. later found himself responsible for the Arkansas marketing and recruiting efforts of Disney's human resources department. Life led him to become an agricultural economist through training and now, with over twenty years of experience in strategic leadership, human resources management, financial management, implementation of community advocacy, and participatory program development, he oversees the Academy's work across America & Africa, bringing with him decades of experience and expertise in the grass roots development sectors.